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Prebill Section: Adjusting Invoice Hours versus Actual Hours (Write-ups and Write-downs)

From time to time, adjustments need to be made to pending billable activities prior to invoicing. These adjustments can be corrections, additions, or write-ups/write-downs. In our 'Prebills' section, you will find an additional option while editing line items called 'Inv Hours' (Invoice Hours). The Inv Hours is only available in the 'Prebills' section. 

1. Click 'Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel and select the 'Prebills' option below.

2. Enter any 'Prebill Filters' and click 'Apply'.

3. Select the '+' sign to the left of the Matter(s) you want to expand.

4. Select 'Edit Activities Inline'.

IMPORTANT: If any changes are made to the 'Invoice Hours' amount, and you need to delete the Prebill from the 'Prebills Section' and return it back to batch or matter billing, any changes made only to the 'Invoice Hours' will not be saved. The ‘Invoice hours’ section is only available within the Prebills Section, therefore the recommended workflow is then to  Invoice All Approved Prebills from this page to avoid losing any changes made to the Invoice Hours, if applicable. 

However, any changes made to a Billing User, Billing Date, Act Hours (Actual Hours), Rate, Amount, and Description will persist and won't be affected if you need to delete it from the Prebills section and return it back to batch or matter billing. Again, only any changes made  to the 'Invoice Hours' amount will not be saved if deleted from the Prebills Section.

5. In the 'Inv Hrs' column, enter the write-up/write-down amount. Then, click 'Save Changes'.

6. Premier Tier customers can analyze the Actual Hours versus Invoice Hours data using our Business Intelligence tool! Simply build a report with the following Report Filters and Report Columns:

All of the following filters can be found within the Activities Data Set.

The Unit difference filter will display the Invoice hours minus the Activity hours.

Once exported, you can filter and sort accordingly to view and analyze the Unit Difference.