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Discounts: How to set up Fixed Percentage Discounts on a new Matter.

You now have the ability to use a Fixed percentage discounts on select matters. This Fixed Percentage Discount allows you to enter a percentage discount at the matter level for all invoiced fees. Costs will not be affected by the discount. You may label the discount anything you wish; from 'Family Discount' to 'Military Discount' and so on. The customization is up to you! 

These discounts appear on the invoice as soon as its run.

*This is only available for Premier Tier accounts.

1. Click '+ Add New' and select 'Matter'.

2. Enter 'Client', 'Matter Name', 'Date' and other Matter information.

3. Select 'Billing Information' to expand this section.

4. Toggle 'Fixed Percentage' on.

5. Enter the 'Percentage' and 'Discount Description for Invoices'.

6. Finish entering or editing all other Matter information. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Save Matter'.

Your Invoices will reflect this discount when the Invoice runs.

Invoice Template Tips:

  • The discount will display on your invoice - If you're using the 'Default Matter Ledger' table on your invoice, the Fixed Percentage Discount will appear as an adjustment with the discount description.

  • You can also use the «Client.Adjustments» merge field on your invoice template to display this adjustment. Note, this will show all adjustments since the last invoice and include the current adjustment.

  • The following merge fields will not populate Fixed Percentage discounts and are only used for Discount Rules.
    • «Invoice.DiscountDescription» 
    • «Invoice.DiscountAmount»
    • «Invoice.DiscountValidUntilDate»
  • You can modify the percentage amount at any time by editing the Matter, changing the amount, and re-saving the Matter.
  • You can turn off the Fixed Percentage Discount at any time by editing the Matter, un-toggling 'Fixed Percentage', and re-saving the Matter.
  • You can use 'Fixed Percentage' and standard 'Discount Rules' simultaneously.