9 Ways to bill as you work!

Rocket Matter makes it easy to Bill As You Work!  Here are 9 ways to do so:

1.  Bill for calendar events.

1.  Bill for Calendar Events

-  Click "+ Add New" > "Event" to add your event.

-  Also view:

2.  Bill for tasks.

2.  Bill for Tasks.

-  Click "+ " Task from my dashboard or any matter dashboard

3.  Add expense or time.

3.  Add Expense or Time.

-  Click "+ Add New" > "Expense or Time" to add your expense or time.

4.  Use the timer.

4.  Use the Timer.

- Click the "Timer" icon at the top of any Rocket Matter screen.

5.  Bill for documents.

5.  Bill for Documents.

-  Navigate to 'Matter Dashboard' > 'Matter Documents" > Click "$".

6.  Bill for notes.

6.  Bill for Notes.

-  Click "+ Add New" > Note > capture time while creating your note.  Or, click "$" next to any note in matter billing.

7.  Bill for an email.

7.  Bill for an Email.

-  Click "$" next to an email in any matter emails section.

8.  Bill for a phone message.

8.  Bill for a Phone Message.

-  Click on any phone message and attach time.

9.  Bill for a document created from a template.  

9.  Bill for a Document created from a Template.  

-  Capture time while creating a custom-merged document in the document Template section of your Admin Section. Click "Settings" to access your Admin Section.


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