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What is the Advanced Analytics Module?

The Advanced Analytics Module is a collection of reports that gives your law firm tools to grow revenues, become more efficient, and illuminate where you perform well and where you can improve.

Rocket Matter Advanced Analytics includes the following reports:

Origination: Easily see who is originating new business for your firm, and run reports on how much has been collected from those clients.

Matter Budgets: Set matter budgets to keep limits on billed time.

Productivity per User: Set target hours for performance of time tracked per user. Break down how much time is spent hourly or unbilled. Quickly see if your associates and staff are meeting their goals.

Productivity per Matter: Understand which of your cases are absorbing the majority of your time.

Collections Report: Show which of your clients are paying the most (or the least!) of their billed invoices. This report takes into account write-offs and unpaid billable activity.

Allocation Report:  Figure out how to pay your attorneys by seeing the amount of client payouts your attorneys bring in.  This makes it easy to calculate payouts, and supports payroll structures that pay attorneys a percentage of revenues. 

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