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What is the difference between a pre-bill and a invoice?

A Pre-Bill is like a print-preview of an Invoice; it is a preview of what the invoice document would look like if it were run as an Invoice.


When an invoice is created:

-  When an Invoice is created, all specified billable activity is moved from 'pending invoicing' status, and stamped as 'invoiced'.

-  A debit is created in the matter ledger and in the client trust Ledger (where applicable)

-  An invoice is created with a unique invoice number assigned to it

-  A copy of the Invoice is automatically stored in the respective matter documents section


When a pre-bill is created:

-  A document is automatically generated  and downloaded to your computer's downloads folder

-  The pre-bill document is  marked as a pre-bill, with all specified billable activity represented in invoice-format

-  No debit is created in the matter ledger, nor in the client trust ledger (where applicable)

-  There is NO copy of the pre-bill stored in matter documents, or on Rocket Matter for reference

-  You can open and review the downloaded pre-bill, and then save it to a discrete location on your computer, or upload it to your matter documents section separately if you wish

-  Pre-bills can be run multiple times, without creating a debit in Rocket Matter.  


Reasons to run a Pre-bill:

1.  Law firms often run pre-bills before invoices to review billable activity thoroughly before an invoice is run.  

2.  Pre-bills are often run when a client or a court requires a full history of billable activity generated on a Matter.  To create a document with the complete billable activity history, leave the "date range" field blank and uncheck "exclude all previously invoiced activity",  If you run this pre-bill in excel format, you will create an excel spreadsheet which simply lists all of your billable activity, and is not in invoice-format.

3.  You can check for changes made to an invoice Template or a client's record by running a pre-bill


Both Invoices and Pre-bills can be generated in batches by using Batch Billing.


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