Rocket Matter Knowledge Base BillingHow to edit billable time.

How to edit billable time.

Billable Time is edited from the billable activity page of your Matter.

1.  Navigate to the matter.

You can get a quick overview of your billable activity in 'Recent Billable Activity'.

2.   Access the billable activity page by clicking the 'Pending Invoicing' total.  

2.   Access the Billable Activity page by clicking the 'Pending Invoicing' total.  

Alternatively, you can access 'Billable Activity' by scrolling down the 'Recent Billable Activity' section, and clicking 'view more'.  Both routes take you to the "Billable Activity" page.

3.  Review your billable activity.

3.  Review your billable activity.

4.  Click the Item description.  

4.  Click the Item Description.  

5.  Edit your billable time, and click "OK".

5.  Edit your Billable Time, and click "OK".

These are examples of changes you can make from the edit billable event screen:

-  'Item Description' changes the item name.  Item description is what is notated on the client's invoice.

-  'Client: Matter' field can be changed to transfer the billable Item to a different matter.

-  'Bill by' field can be edited to assign the time to a different user/timekeeper.

-  "Billing rate' field can be changed to apply a custom rate for this Item.  

-  'Billable Units' and 'amount' can be edited to change the amount billed.

-  'Do not charge' can be selected to avoid charging the client for the item.

-  'Billing Date' can also be modified to change billing date.

-  'Cost' and 'Vendor' fields can be edited for Expense entries.

-  Select "delete' to delete your billable item.

6.  View your edits in the billable activity list.

6.  View your edits in the Billable Activity list.


-  For a quick, simple edit, you can also click the pencil icon next to the billable item.  When you've added your changes, click the green checkmark to save your changes.

 -  Billable Activity which has already been invoiced CANNOT be edited.  If you wish to edit billable activity which has been invoiced, you must delete the invoice. When the invoice is deleted, the billable activity is moved back to "Pending", and the activity can be edited or deleted as needed.


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