How to run an invoice.

1.  Navigate to the matter.

1.  Navigate to the Matter

2.  Click 'Pending Total' amount.

2.  Click 'Pending Total' amount.

There are several alternate ways to access the "Billable Activity" screen:

1.  Click "+ Add New" > "Invoice"

2.  In your matter dashboard, click "view more billable activity" in the recent billable activity section.

3.  Click any highlighted number in the Pending Invoicing section of the matter billing box:  rees/cost, tax amount, or total.

3.  Select date range, and filter options.  then click "Get Answer".

3.  Select Date Range, and Filter Options.  Then Click "Get Answer".


-  Leave "Start Date" blank to view ALL unbilled activity until specified End Date.

-  Uncheck "exclude previously invoiced items" to view both activity which has been invoiced for, and activity which has not yet been invoiced for. If this option is unchecked, you will only have the option to run a Pre-Bill when you run your invoice.  

4.  Review the billable activity listed.

4.  Review the Billable Activity listed.

- If you find an error, be sure to edit your billable activity BEFORE you run your invoice.

5.  Click "Invoice".

5.  Click "Invoice".

6.  Select "Invoice" and file format.  Then click "Next".

6.  Select "Invoice" and file format.  Then click "Next".

7.  Click "Process Invoice(s)".

7.  Click "Process Invoice(s).

8.  Click "Invoice no." to download the invoice to your downloads folder.

8.  Click "Invoice no." to download the invoice to your Downloads folder.

- A copy of your Invoice will automatically be stored in your Matter Documents section for future reference.

9.  Open your invoice and review.

9.  Open your invoice and review.

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