How to run bills for LEDES only.

Click on the green number of fees pending invoicing.

Select your batch type, case type and all other applicable filters.

In the 'Filter by Matter Custom Field' enter 'Billing Type' in the field name and 'LEDES' in the field value. Click the green plus to add the custom field.

'Billing Type' isn't auto-suggesting? Your unique matter custom field may be different or may need to be created. Please refer to "How to create a custom matter field for specific matters with LEDES billing?" FAQ.

Please be advised that this is not a required matter custom field by Rocket Matter but an option to ensure batch billing for ledes is seamless.

Click the green 'Get Answer'.

Scroll down to view the report summary for the filter selected above.

Click on the blue 'Invoice'.

Configure your batch billing options and click 'next'.

Select your trust details and click 'next'.

Confirm your batch billing and click on 'Process Invoice(s)'.

Invoice batch complete!