QuickBooks Online Integration.

NOTE: This integration is only supported for customers residing in the United States. 

Things to know before enabling the integration:

A screen-share must be scheduled. The length of the initial sync will vary depending on the amount of data in the account. The more data, the longer the sync.

This is a ONE-WAY sync only, from Rocket Matter (RM) to QuickBooks Online (QBO).

In QBO, Taxes must be enabled. In newer versions, it is required by QBO, but many versions still require the user to manually enable it. To enable Taxes in QBO, click on 'Taxes' and follow the prompts.

In QBO, an Accounting Method must be selected. The two main Accounting Methods (found in Company 'Account & Settings') are:

  • Cash- Revenue is considered received when payments come in.
  • Accrual- Revenue is considered as received when invoiced (firms may then write off unpaid balances as a loss on their taxes).

Important Note: These settings do not change the way Rocket Matter data feeds into the designated 'RM Accounts' in QBO; however, the Profit and Loss report will adjust/reflect income and loss data based on the accounting.

Important tip: As this is a one-way sync from Rocket Matter to QBO, it is imperative that you do not delete any data in QBO that came from Rocket Matter. If you need to correct the data, make the corrections on the Rocket Matter side and re-sync, as deleting from QBO can cause errors and break the integration. 

The Rocket Matter data syncing over to QBO is granular, not just aggregate totals. This means that you will be able to search a Client name in QBO and see their history of Payments and Invoices, as well as the details within an Invoice. You will not be able to see information organized by Matter.

Contacts Sync: When the integration is enabled, Rocket Matter will create new Contacts and sync over to QBO with an RM prefix. For example: John Smith will appear as 'RM John Smith'. The RM prefix provides clarity as to what data is coming from Rocket Matter, for ease of reconciliation and troubleshooting.

All Account Receivables data (unpaid Invoices) will sync to the main Account Receivables Bucket located in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

  • If Trust is NOT enabled in the Rocket Matter Account, RM Trust Liability and RM Trust Cash will not be implemented in the QBO Accounts, as there will not be data to sync over.
  • RM Trust Cash and RM Trust Liability accounts should always contain matching figures. The words 'Cash' and 'Liability' here simply indicate the two perspectives used when looking at money being held in a bank account that doesn’t belong to you.

Click here for a data mapping guide!

The sync will happen in the following order.

Troubleshooting tips:

If you wish to map RM data to one of your existing QBO accounts and it's not showing up in the drop-down menu, it's because that 'Account Detail Type' in QBO does not match the 'Account Detail Type' that Rocket Matter is using for that data. The Rocket Matter types are shown here and cannot be modified. The only option is to edit the Account Detail Type in the QBO account to match the RM type listed. Once changed in QBO, it will then appear in the drop-down menu on the Configurations page.

Some issues that may arise during the initial sync, are easily resolved by the user:

  1. Duplicate Client Exists: This usually occurs because a Client in Rocket Matter has the same name as a Client in QuickBooks, or there are two Clients of the same name in Rocket Matter.  
    • Resolution: You can either change the display name or the name of the customer in QuickBooks, OR, change the name of the Client in Rocket Matter. To do this in QuickBooks, click on the name of the customer, and then click 'Edit', which will open a window where you can change the customer’s displayed name.
  2. Unknown Error Occurred: Invalid Email Format - The format of the email address does not meet the standard of the email address accepted by QuickBooks.  
    • Resolution: Search for the specified Contact(s) in Rocket Matter and look for any special characters or spaces near special characters in the email address. Edit the email address and try to re-sync.
  3. Error Message: Client - Unknown Error Occurred: No name provided - There is no Matter name attached to a Client.   
  4. To undo a sync brought over prematurely or in error: Click the ‘Undo Sync’ option on the QBO Configurations page.  

If the syncing issue does not match any other errors, please contact Rocket Matter Support at (#1-888-432-1529).  

To Enable the Integration:

Contact Rocket Matter Support (1-888-432-1529) to schedule a screen share!