Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Fujitsu ScanSnap IntegrationHow to set up and use Fujitsu ScanSnap integration.

How to set up and use Fujitsu ScanSnap integration.

Now you can transform the way you do business and save a lot of time by scanning directly from ScanSnap to Rocket Matter’s cloud based legal software. Take advantage of this powerful integration to help your law firm capture time, improve billing efficiency, boost revenues, and communicate with clients via any device.

Here’s the lowdown on how it works (Hint: it’s so easy!):

  • You can scan any legal documents directly from your ScanSnap iX500 or iX100 scanner, which works on a wireless network.
  • Select Rocket Matter as the destination in the dedicated ScanSnap Cloud app and press the Scan button. You can instantly scan receipts, invoices, business cards, and various sized documents (either single or double-sided.) Digitizing these documents helps reduce office clutter and costs. 
  • You can access your documents through Rocket Matter’s powerful legal practice management platform. Easily move documents directly into case management workflows and access them immediately through global search capabilities. You’ll manage cases and firm finances faster and more effectively.

1. Download and open ScanSnap Manager

2. Download ScanSnap Cloud

3. Plug the USB in your computer

4. See confirmation that your device is recognized

5. Confirm with the check mark that ScanSnap cloud is active

6. Quit ScanSnap Manager

7. Open ScanSnap cloud for initial Setup and Create an Account

8. Turn on the Wi-Fi switch on the back of the ScanSnap and connect to a computer with USB cable. Open the cover or lower the feed guide as shown on the ScanSnap. Click Next

9. 'ScanSnap is ready for setup' and click continue

10. Connect to your network and click Next

11. See confirmation of nextwork Setup

12. Create your ScanSnap Cloud Account, agree to the terms and register

13. An email will be sent to your email address (account) to confirm your registration from this screen, enter the confirmation code provided in the e-mail and click confirm code

14. See confirmation 'Your account for ScanSnap has been registered' and click continue

15. Review Intelligence sorting and the 4 types of formats these files can be scanned: documents, business cards, receipts and photos and click start configuration

16. Click 'Select' to configure each document type OR click 'Always save to the same service'

17. Select 'Rocket Matter' as the cloud storage service and click 'select'

18. Login with your Rocket Matter and click 'Login'

19. Allow Rocket Matter to access ScanSnap and click 'Allow'

20. See confirmation with Rocket Matter's logo and click 'Save Settings'

21. Setup for ScanSnap is complete and click 'Continue'

22. Disconnect the USB from the computer and ScanSnap. When Purple light is indicated you're ready to scan! Click 'Next'

23. Load a document into the ScanSnap to begin scanning and click 'Next'

24. Once the ScanSnap has accepted the document, press the scan button to begin scanning and click 'Next'

25. Once you've completed the scan, click 'End'

26. Click 'Start ScanSnap Cloud'

27. Log into your Rocket Matter Account and click on 'Documents' in the left-hand panel. Click on the 'ScanSnap' Folder

28. View scanned document

29. Click 'Actions' and select 'Move'

Enter the matter name and assign it to the correct matter. Click 'Move'. The document will be found in the matter under 'Matter Documents'