How to sync with QuickBooks Online.

To enable your QuickBooks online sync with Rocket Matter, call one of our Product Specialists at (888) 432-1529. We're happy to help! 

Once your QuickBooks Online integration is enabled, you can sync your Rocket Matter data to your QuickBooks Online account from the Billing Dashboard, or from any Matter Ledger screen.  

For a quick overview, view our QuickBooks short video here.

Syncing from the Billing Dashboard:

1. Select 'Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click 'Sync QuickBooks Online'. This will sync all new Matter data in a branch.

Syncing from a Matter Ledger Screen:

1. Navigate to the Matter of your choice and select the 'Matter Ledger Balance' from the Matter Billing widget.

2. Next, click 'Sync QuickBooks Online'. This sync allows you to send the data to QuickBooks Online on the individual Matter level.

3.  Wait for Rocket Matter to cycle through the syncing process.

For troubleshooting tips on common sync errors, click here!