Rocket Matter Knowledge Base DocumentsHow to set up a Box integration.

How to set up a Box integration.

You can integrate your Box account with Rocketmatter by enabling the integration in Settings, and then mapping your Box directory to a specific 'Matter Documents' section.  The nature of the integration is such that the Box documents 'live' on your Box server, but are 'mapped' to your Rocket Matter account.  As such you can attach billable time to the documents displayed in your Matter Documents section, and you can download a copy of your Box document from Rocket Matter into the Downloads folder on your computer.  Following are instructions on how to enable the Box integration in Settings:  

1.  Navigate to Settings.

1.  Navigate to Settings.

Note:  Administrative access is required to enable the Box integration.  Talk to your Rocket Matter Administrator about enabling the integration if you do not have Administrative access.

2.  Click 'Box Credentials'.

2.  Click "Box Credentials".

3.  Enter your Box credentials, and click 'Authorize'.

3.  Enter your Box credentials, and click "Authorize".

4.  Click 'Grant Access to Box'.

4.  Click "Grant Access to Box".

Your Box Integration is now complete!  Now you can map individual Box directories to specific Matters.  

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