Rocket Matter Knowledge Base QuickBooks Online IntegrationHow do I enable Taxes in QuickBooks Online?

How do I enable Taxes in QuickBooks Online?

Rocket Matter features the ability to apply Taxes and Surcharges to any Matter. Regardless of whether you apply Taxes to the Matters in your Rocket Matter account, in order for your RocketMatter/QuickBooks Online sync to be effective, 'Sales Tax' must be enabled in your QuickBooks Online Account.  

For a quick overview, view our QuickBooks short video:

Following is an Intuit/QuickBooks link with instruction on enabling Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online:

To enable sales tax:

  1. Click Taxes (if payroll is enabled, click Taxes > Sales Tax).
  2. Click Edit sales tax settings in the Related Tasks list to the right.
  3. Select Yes if you charge sales tax.
    1. Click the Default sales tax drop-down arrow to choose which sales tax rate to use as a company default in case a customer is taxable and you haven't chosen another rate.
    2. Select if you'd like to Mark all new products and services taxable. (This means items you add to a form have the Tax column already selected. You can clear individual items in a form if you don't need to charge sales tax.)
    3. Select if you'd like to Mark all new customers taxable. You can still change a customer's taxable status in the Customer Center.
  4. Select No if you don't charge sales tax. If you already charged sales tax on earlier transactions, you won't be able to disable sales tax without first removing sales tax from those earlier transactions.


Note: Please verify that these instructions are current before modifying your QuickBooks Online Account by contacting Intuit/QuickBooks.