Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Google Integration (Calendar and Email Sync)How to sync, view, and bill for your Gmail emails in Rocket Matter.

How to sync, view, and bill for your Gmail emails in Rocket Matter.

Rocket Matter's email integration allows you to integrate email accounts that reside on an IMAP email server.  Please contact your email administrator to determine if your email is IMAP server based. Some common IMAP server names are listed below.

After integrating your Rocket Matter account with your email account, you can map one email folder to your 'Matter Emails' section. Once mapped, all emails contained in the email folder will populate the 'Matter Emails' section. Billable time can be attached to Matter Emails, extending Rocket Matter's 'Bill As You Work' technology to your emails, as well!

1. Select 'My Profile' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page to view the 'Email' section.

3. Click to 'Enable Email Integration'.

Email integration is configured separately for each Rocket Matter user. Each user can only integrate one email account. Multiple Rocket Matter users can map their email folders to the same 'Matter Emails' section.

4. Enter IMAP credentials, your email username, and email password. Click 'OK' to save the changes.

Common IMAP Servers and Port Information:

  1. Gmail - port 993
  2. iCloud - port 993
  3. Yahoo -  port 993
  4. -  port 993
  5. Comcast -  port 993
  6. Outlook365 -  port 993
  7. Exchange  port 413
5.  Enter email credentials, and click "OK".

If you receive an error when entering your email username and password with the correct credentials make sure you're allowing less secure applications. In order for the integration to be successful, select the link below to allow access.

Allow less secure apps

NOTE: If two-factor authentication is enabled, this may need to be temporarily disabled to allow less secure applications. Click here to learn how to disable two-factor authentication.

5. After you enable your email Integration, you can map email folders into your 'Matter Emails' section. In your Gmail, open the email you'd like to sync to Rocket Matter.

6. Create a new label by clicking on the 'label' icon.

7. You'll be prompted to choose an existing label, or click 'Create new'.

8.  Name your label and select 'Create'.

It's recommended to label the email with easy identifiers, such as the related Client or Matter information.

Notice your email has been labeled.

9. Navigate to the Matter and click 'Edit Matter'.

10. Select the 'Email Folder' drop-down menu.

11. Select an email folder from the list.  

12. Be sure to scroll down and click 'Save Matter'.

13. While on the Matter Dashboard, select 'Matter Emails' from the left-hand navigation panel.

14. Capture billable time from an email by clicking '$'.  

15. If you choose to bill for this email, enter all applicable billing information. When finished, click 'Save'.

16. You can also search, display, and navigate through pages of emails. Or, view the contents of another user's email folder by clicking on the different users name.