Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Additional InformationHow to enable the Zoom Integration in Rocket Matter.

How to enable the Zoom Integration in Rocket Matter.

The power of Zoom meets the power of Rocket Matter. Users can now enjoy access to Zoom and create meeting links using several Rocket Matter tools! To enable this integration one must have an existing Zoom account. Be sure to sign up for Zoom before following these steps to enable the integration!

1. Navigate to 'My Profile'.

2. Click on 'Enable Zoom Integration'.

3. Click 'Authorize' to allow authorization for Rocket Matter & Zoom to collaborate!  

4. To save your new integration settings, click 'Ok' at the bottom of your profile.

5. Now you are all set to start using Zoom in Rocket Matter!

To learn how to set up a Zoom meeting link using Communicator click here!

NOTE: If at any time you need to disable the integration simply navigate to "My Profile" and click on "Disable Zoom Integration"