QuickBooks Online Audit Log.

The audit log allows you to see who made changes to your books and what they did.

"QuickBooks Online records all your financial transactions in your chart of accounts.

Separately, it tracks user sign-ins and changes to settings as well as edits to customers and vendors and employees. QuickBooks records the following in the audit log:

  • The date of any change to your books
  • The name of the user who made the change
  • The type of change or event
  • The name of any customer or vendor related to the change
  • Any original transaction date and amount

QuickBooks only records signouts when you select Sign out. It doesn't record sign-outs if you close your browser, go to another website, or QuickBooks signs you out automatically due to inactivity."

Click here for a detailed FAQ and video on how to access and use the audit log.