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What Rocket Matter data will sync to QuickBooks Online?

To enable your QuickBooks online sync with Rocket Matter, call one of our Product Specialists at (888) 432-1529.   Rocket Matter syncs itemized data into QuickBooks Online in a specific order.  Following is the order in which your Rocket Matter data syncs with QuickBooks Online:

1.  Clients

  • Rocket Matter 'Clients' are known as 'Customers' on QuickBooks Online.
  • Deleted Rocket Matter Clients appear as 'RM (Deleted - ContactID#') RM Contact/ i.e. 'RM (Deleted - RM15) RM Sandra Lillian'.

2.  Vendors

  • In QuickBooks Online, Costs are associated with specific Vendors.  
  • In RocketMatter, Vendors can be assigned to Expenses (aka Costs) when you "+ Add Expense or Time".
  • During a QuickBooks Online sync, "Rocket Matter Default Vendor" is assigned to any Cost which does not have a Vendor attached to it.  

3.  Expenses

  • No-Charge expenses are still calculated as costs in the Vendor section, because charges are incurred from the vendor. When you assign that cost as 'No-charge" in Rocket Matter, No-charge items appear as $0.00 on your client's invoice because you chose to absorb the cost.

4.  Invoices

  • Full Granularity can be seen in QuickBooks when you click on the Customer Record in QuickBooks.

a.  Click on Customer record.

b.  View Customer Transaction List which includes Invoices and Payments.

5.  Debit Adjustments

  • Debit Adjustments to a Matter Ledger are treated as Invoices in QuickBooks Online.
  • Debit Adjustments are indicated with the "Invoice ID" of LEDGERID#

6.  Credit Adjustment

  • Credit Adjustments to a Matter Ledger are known as 'Credit Memos' in QuickBooks Online.
  • Credit Adjustments include payments which have been applied directly to invoices, or payments which have been directly applied to operating.

7.  Payments

  • Payments made to the Matter Ledger may also be $0.00 dollar payments that apply a 'Credit Memo' to the invoice

A.  Navigate to QuickBooks Customer, and click Customer name.

B.  View Payment information.

8.  Trust Debits

* Trust Debits are debits made to the trust ledger

9.  Trust Credits

*  Trust Credits are credits made to the trust ledger


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